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Know The Market Direction Using Remote Viewing Secrets

Know The Market Direction Before Trading

Investment Intelligence Technology Is Now Out-of-the-Closet

“Unbelievable” is usually the first word out of a clients mouth. They are looking at our data set we provided a week earlier and comparing it to their live charts. Its so close its hard to believe, and at first, is really difficult to get your mind around that such a thing is even possible.


The Market Study may be only be a page or two  long, -- but the trendline and data analysis is phenomenally accurate. Along with specific events, an overall trade diection is generally produced along with optimum entry and exit points. A week ahead of the market. It could be on anything you trade; currency, oil, silver, a specific stock or one of the indexes like the S&P500.


These predicitve market studies or WAMO (Weekly Advance Market Optimization) as they called by the folks who invetned this stuff, ustom design the data around the individual trader, their unique trading style and they are generally event driven. In other words, lets say you plan to buy a stock based on the buzz of an upcoming merger or earnings release.




The executives that work for the target company,  know what's coming down the pike, and though its  illegal for them to tell anyone before the public announcement, we can find out using TRV.. This may include a mind-probe, or a look at the outcome of an earnings release. Almost anything is possible if the question can e framed correctly.


This highly propretary intelligence process has been refined over the last 9 years with most of the bugs worked out. It's not perfect yet, but pretty amazing and certainly delivers results that are beyond anything availabe by conventional means.


So then why isn't this reported on font pageof the Wall Street Journal? Because its too rogue. And the company is secretive and recluse about it, for obvious reasons. Also, they not interested in pursuing the mainsteam channels of commerce with it.. So for now - other than a few invitations to friends, and fund managers that keep it tight lipped the world doesnt know much about this.


There are a few caveats. WAMO is intense.  It eats up professional resources so we can only work with a handful of clients, so unless your project is particularly interesting the company may not do it.  Its also expensive, so you must be trading a substanital account, and are skilled at what you do, and know exactly what you want from the data.



The accuracy rate on our predictive studies is  around 85% - so its not perfect, but the edge it offers pro-traders is beyond amazing. Assuming the company takes you on as a client there is no guarantee you will make a fortune off the data. Execution is up to you.What they will you promise is that the data provided will blow you away, and you will be satisfied for each weekly study, or you don't pay. Its that simple.


To find out more about all this you'll need to send an email or submit the project quote form. Describe your project and that you would like to accomplish, and an intial test of the technology for your study can be arranged.

How To Make a Fortune in the Stock Market Using Remote Viewing

"This Is The Only Totally

Legal 'Insider Trading' 

Technology I Am Aware Of."

For traders who trade their own accounts...get the investment intelligence data  that a few wealthy hedge fund clients secretly deploy -- called W.A.M.O. which stands for "Weekly Advance Market Optimization"

"The Holy Grail of Trading"

"I have been a trader for five years. I subscribe to the largest forecasting company in the world and it loses money. Most traders know how hard it is to be objective in the market and know with accuracy their next move.. Two months ago I heard about this, and contacted Dane and he explained how it works. I decided to try it for a month. The trading results were unbelievable. The data analysis they provided was almost near 100% accurate. I could not believe it. The market moved as they predicted. and finally I can say I found the holy grail that changed my destiny."  -- S.M.  Untited Arab Emerites