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Find Love and Success in a Partner Relationship

By Kimberly Snow

French philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said, "Love is alone capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves." As social creatures, most of us long for companionship. The kind of companionship that completes us. Fills us up and makes us feel whole. Companionship that does not demand of us, control us, berate us, abuse us, or force us to change who we are. But instead rounds out the best in us, connects with the deepest of ourselves on a level that no other can, and allows us to flourish.


Why Do We Work So Hard To Find Love - But Have Such Trouble Keeping It?


For anyone who has loved and lost, the search for lasting love--for a companion in our lives who completes us and fulfills us in ways no other can--can be daunting. There are the endless social dates with hopeful strangers, each repeating the same personal facts and stories again and again in an attempt to get to know one another, only to find in the end that this is not the person you thought it was - that this stranger unfolding before your eyes is incompatible with your lifestyle, your beliefs, your hopes and dreams. There are the countless past relationships which ended badly. Perhaps your partner was abusive. Perhaps she was too controlling, or he was weak and insecure.Maybe the break up was due to infidelity, as one of you sought out in another what could not be provided by your partner. Maybe dark secrets of a hidden past were revealed, too shocking to ignore. Or maybe the cause was as simple as lack of trust, lack of support, lack of affection. Perhaps ultimately your personal autonomy was held at bay, chocked by your partner.

Fixing your relationships using remote viewing


And now what? Do you continue your search for that perfect mate and hope that the next one is better than the last? Do you feel like time is running out as that biological clock continues its countdown to the end? And how will you know if the next one is optimum for you?

enjoyment with the perfect mate



One Unique Soul Connecting With Another Unique Soul


The first thing to do is to recognize that you are unique. And it is because of your uniqueness that your optimum partner, your optimum mate, is someone who is also unique, different from all others. There is no set description of the perfect partner. But there is one thing that optimum mates have in common. An optimum mate is someone who will bring fulfillment to your life. A companion who will lift you up and allow you to become the best that you can be. That doesn't mean that there won't be challenges or disagreements. It doesn't mean that you will see the world in exactly the same way. (After all, if finding someone just like you was optimum -- you wouldn't need to look further than your own mirror.) There will be arguments. There will be moments of compromise. There will be some give and take, flashes of irritation and anger, just as in any other relationship. But the difference will be that the disagreements will be part of a learning process that will allow you both to grow together. Your differences will give you new ways of seeing the world; new understanding and personal evolution will occur. You will feel excited to be with this person. Supported and loved in ways that you've never been before. You will not want for others, for you will find that the only one you need is standing at your side. For as Saint Exupery once wrote, "love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction."


Most people are living on a current trajectory path, that is, a path in which the external forces of life influence our actions and we are unwittingly forced to move in one direction. For the majority of us, we don't even realize that there are other paths we could walk, other trajectories. Optimum trajectories. Optimum trajectories are life paths which, when followed, lead us into a life of complete fulfillment. (read more about it here)  Your optimum mate, if you have one (and most do) exists on this trajectory. It's only a matter of finding the right door to open. But as you wander down the corridor of your current trajectory, how do you recognize which doors to you walk through? How do you side step onto your optimum trajectory to find your mate? It'seasy.


How We Use TRV To Find Your Optimum Mate


Using Technical Remote Viewing to find your optimum mate is one of the most rewarding and exciting uses of this technology. When our team of professional viewers takes on your Optimum Mate project, they deliver all of the information needed for you to locate the right companion. They can give you a physical description of your optimum mate, as well as a description of the optimum mate's current occupation and location identifiers. This invaluable information provides you with clues as to where to begin your search. The team can look at your first meeting, and the outcome of that meeting. They can probe the conscious mind of your optimum mate to find out the mate's interrelationships, and they can define for you the best action steps to take which will lead you to your optimum mate once and for all.


With a full arsenal of data at your disposal, you will have the markers you need, so that when you come across them in your daily rhythm you will recognize them as doorways that access your optimum trajectory. Then you can choose whether to side-step your current trajectory and move into the optimum one - the trajectory leading to your optimum mate.


So give up the online dating. Stop wondering if the next one will be the right one. Stop the worry and doubt. Step off of the roller coaster of heartache and into the world of ultimate fulfillment with your optimum mate by your side. Begin your journey together and never look back. 


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