Samples Of Client Success Stories

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Penetrate the enemy and know what he is thinking
Use Your Remote Viewing Team To Go Into the future and grab future technology that you can invest  in today
Use Your Remote Viewing Team To Know The Market Direction
Use Your Remote Viewing Team To Find and Help You Actualize Your Perfect Future

Business Trajectory for Private Entrepreneur


Business strategies and development for one of the West Coast's leading entrepreneurs. This client used the team to increase profits, refine product development in the areas of mind technology, uncover cutting-edge energy technologies, and develop new heath technologies in the area of biomedical life-extension applications.





Crisis Profile of Saddam Hussein


A large company with strategic oil interests in the Mid East, was concerned about a potential conflict's effect upon the near and far term price of oil. The statement of work directed PSI TECH to provide data and analysis on Saddam himself, i.e., his mind (intent, motivation, emotional and behavioral states), to penetrate his war room (for information concerning battle plans, operations, force strengths, and possible deception schemes), and to provide a six-month (September 90 - March 91) general outlook for the Gulf Region.




Investigative Report: Hydrogen-Based Automobile Power Plant Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E)


The client for this project was a major auto company. Our team performed a world-wide search for present key research and applied engineering work related to hydrogen-powered automobiles. We located and described engineering projects in North America, Japan, France, China, Germany and the USSR. Our final report placed emphasis upon the most potentially successful of the projects, and included sketches of prototype designs, and descriptions of essential associated engineering features such as turbines, flywheels, hydraulic and electric components, etc.



Projected Key Technologies for Lunar On-Site Resource Processing


Our client was a very large engineering company. Their R&D section wanted help in selecting or creating the most economical technologies with which to extract lunar elements (primarily oxygen) for intended use as a possible lunar base energy source, and as a source of propulsion for Moon-Mars expeditions. We furnished the company with descriptions/sketches of actual future lunar mining and resource processing operations, and with recommendations with regard to power generation devices.




Futures Trader Gets Daily 'Advance Market Direction'


A Silver futures trader was able to catch the major moves in 2011 by hiring a daily chart analysis of his trading plan. We were able to verify the market direction and provide precise trend lines and daily movements so he could enter and exit his trades 2 or 3 times daily and capture significant profits on Silver and the S&P 500 e-mini charts.





1000's of Optimum Trajectory's - Optimum Mate - Optimum Career -  Success Stories


And of course the most powerful success stories of all are those individuals who have been given new leases on life. Roadmaps to their optimum future and are leading happy and fulfilled lives of passion and success. From finding the perfect life partner to the best place to live and so much more.